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Admission of Joseph Rose on the surrender of Samuel Maddocks and Elizabeth Ann his wife. – Joseph Rose takes ownership of the Forge 1810 1504
Will of Joseph Rose,1811, 1811 1336
Admission of William Rose and Eleanor his wife under the will of Joesph Rose 1820 1353
Copy of Admission of Messr WH Harrison & H Young of Surrender of Edward Holeywell and Mary (Rose).  Note: Mary Rose married to Edward Holeywell – Surrender property to Harrison and Young (He owes money to Young) Blacksmith shop being in tenure of Francis South (Blacksmith) 1838 Harrison & Young surrender to William White 1828 1255
Sale of shop William Rose senior to John Butters,1835 1835 914
Admission of William White on surrender of William Willders Rose Heir at Law and Customary Heir of Thomas Rose 1838 1352
Admission of William White on surrender of William Wakefield Harrison and Henry Young 1838 1202
Marriage of John Short to Ann Lee – Long Bonnington also attached the marriage certificate of John Camm to Sarah Bundall 1844 Spalding, Birth of Isaac Bundall 1844 910
Copies of marriage certificates 1844 910
Admission of William Willders Rose under the will of Joseph Rose 1846 1358
Admission of William White on surrender of William Willders Rose 1846 1357
Sale of Property William White to Edward Fisher,1849 1849 1909
Sale of Sailmakers Shop to Mr Henry Sharp 1849 1444
Absolute Surrender Joseph Rose, Thomas Rose and John Rose to William Rose 1850 1344
Admission of John Rose under will of Joesph Rose, 1850 1415
Admission of Joseph Rose under will of Joesph Rose 1850 1401
Admission of Thomas Rose under will of Joesph Rose, 1850 1406
Admission of William Rose on surrender of  Joseph Rose Thomas Rose and John Rose, 1850 1409
Admission of William Rose under will of Joseph Rose 1850 1412
Decleration of Rachael Christian 1850 1422
Fisher paid off mortgage,1850, 1850 None
Loan from William White to Edward Fisher,1850, 1850 None
Absolute Surrender William Rose Snr to John Butters 1850 915
Abstract of the Title of Mr William White to an estate at Spalding Copyhold of the Manor of Spalding with its Members Contracted to be sold to Mr Henry Sharp – Relates to the sale of the Sail loft to Henry Sharp 1850 850 and 1022
Admission of William White on surrender of Rachael Christian 1850 1328
Mr William White to Edward Fisher Absolute Surrender 1850 1913
Admission of Henry Sharp to William White 1850 1434
Admission of Elizabeth and Charles Sharp Trustees under will of Henry Sharp 1852 1434
Mr G Edmonds to Steward to cancel debt of Edward Fisher,1860,,, 1860 1928
Warrant to cancel Edward Fisher debt in buying the Forge with G Edmonds,1860, 1860 1928
Warrant to cancel conditional Surrender made by Edward Fisher 1860 1928
Mr Edward Fisher to Edmunds the payment of £120 to cancel surrender 1860 1928
Mr Edward Fisher to George Maxwell Edmonds Condititional surrender 1860 1923
Copy of GR Dodd birth certificate,1867 copy dated 1918 1867 1144
The Devises in trust of the late Maurice Johnson Esq and Mr Charles Bonner to Edward Fisher,1869 1869 1045
Admission Mrs Sarah J Smith under the will of Mr William Rose 1887 1012
Conditional Surrender Mrs Sarah Jane Smith to Rev Canon More 1887 925
Mortgage Mrs S J Smith to The Rev Canon More formerly the property W White,1887 1887 921
Inland Revenue of Sarah Jane Smith Nottingham upon death of William Rose reference his shop and property in the High st 1887 913
Absolute surrendor Mrs S J Smith to Everett Caulton 1888 928
Admission of Mr Everett Caulton on the surrender of Mrs S J Smith 1888 1009
Covernant to surrender Mrs S J Smith with Everett Caulton 1888 840
Receipt of Mr Everett Coulton to Mr Bonner 1888 1059
Athur Preston insurance of 1 Swan St Lincolnshire Furniture Broker 1896 940
G R Dodd rent of Chain Bridge Forge,1898 1898 1103
Conveyance for sale of Chain Bridge Forge E Fisher executors to G R Dodd 1899 1107
Forge Inventory 1899 1200
Copy of Winifred Maud Dodd birth certificate,1899 copy dated 1912 1899 1144
Contract of sale Mr Berzant to Mr A Preston cottages in Chapel Lane 1900
The auction of No 9 Chapel Lane Spalding purchased from James Beyant, buyer Mr Arthur Preston 1900 1014
Arthur Preston purchase of Chapel Lane property 1900 936
Arthur Preston purchase in Chapel Lane 1900 936
Birth  Crtificate of George Banks Dodd 1900 1144
Absolute Surrenderof the property once owned by William White/Sharp and Freir,Laming, Jackson to Mrs Preston 1901 853
Admission under will Everett Caulton to Frier, Caulton Jackson 1901 848
Auction Sale Mr Arthur Preston purchase of lot 2 on the High St possibly 32 1901
Abstract of the Title of The Devisees jn Trust for sale under the will of the late Mr Everrett Caulton of the Sail Loft 1901 1208
Sun insurance for 28 High St owned by Mrs Preston,1902, 1902 1104
Invoice between Mr A Preston Swan St to Maples & son 1904 1041
Letter R Fisher to G R Dodd,1906 1906 925
Mr A Preston payment to Maples,1906 1906
Sun insurance for property owned by Mrs Preston,1909, 1909 1056
Conveyance Mrs E Sharp & others to Mr Francis E Knipe & Mrs Clara Knipe 1911 1153
Godson Solicitors Letter 1911 929
Admission Mr Snipe and his wife Clara surrender of Mrs Elizabeth Sharpe and Messer Augustus L Jessopp and Joseph Thompson 1911 1449
Solicitors letter  to Mrs Knipe 1911 1441
Poster of an Auction of property in the High St 1919 1102
Receipt of Payment to Emma Preston in relation to property owned by William Sharpe,1922, 1922
Receipt of Payment to Emma Preston in relation to property owned by William Sharpe,1922, 1922 1922
Marriage Certificate George Banks Dodd and Blackburn,1925 1925 1144
Compensation agreement for extinguishment of manorial incidents. Leopold C Harvey with F E Knipe and another 1935 1222
Directors Report for Spalding Swimming Pool Company ltd 1936 916
Directors Report for Spalding Swimming Pool Company ltd 1937 918
Payment of General and Water Rates to East Kesteven Rural District Council 1938 923
Insurance Rewenal Receipt 1938 906
Application for offical search of 32 High St 1942 1150
Conveyance Preston to Preston – 32 High Street 1943 922
Supplemental Abstract of the Title of the representatives of Alice Preston following her death in 1917,1943 1943 952
Supplemental Abstract of Title of Mrs Weston reference 32 High St,1943,,, 1943 1156
Conveyance of a shop and premises situated in High St Spalding 1946
Conveyance of a shop and premises situated in High St Spalding Mr & Mrs Knipe to Mrs E Rumsey 1946 1249
copy of George Robert Dodd death certificate 1949 1144
Documents held by Midland Bank reference 32 High St 1951 1110
Sun Insurance Certificate for the Forge,1957,,, Renewal receipt 1957 920
Loan from Buschman to Preston,1968 1968 926
Geoff Dodds mortgage of 32 High St,1969 1969 958
Collection of papers pertaining to 32 High St 1970 None
Conveyance between Winfred Preston and Geoff Dodd regarding 32 High St 1977 1001
Geoff Dodds mortgage of 32 High St,1977 1977 1005
SHDC correspondence on the Forge,Sep-86 1986
Maples & Son letter on sale of the Forge,Jun-88 1988
Maples & Son letter on sale of the Forge,1988 1988
Conveyance for the sale of Forge to SHDC 1989 1134
Fisher Day Books,1850 – 1860 1850 – 60 none
Received of Emma Preston  paymment 1900’s 1108
Dodd Day Book,1913 – 1915 1913 -15 none
Dodd Day Book,1925 – 1928, 1925 – 28 none
Dodd Day Book,1929 – 1935 1929 – 35 none
Dodd Day Book,1937 – 1941 1937 – 41 none
Copy of blank receipt 1940 ish 904
Collection of timesheets for a Mr Crosby working for Mr A R Ckark Moulton Eaugate,”1947 to early 50″ 1947 -50 None
Letter to Grace from George – it could be George Robert Dodd NK 933

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