This section  gives access to the heritage information which has been filed by the location. By clicking on the designated box it will take you to a new page which summaries the “Places” history, gives a map based on Historic Environment data  and also lists articles about the location.

 has The Map will take a little time to download so please be patient. It also has a number of features to help you navigate. Each point hss a unique image which describes the type. building etc. in the top lefthand corner is a pair of chevrons clicking on this gives you the legend. Click on the tick removes this type and declutters the map. The map also has plus and minus signs to change the magnification and a home button to centralise the display. Top right hand corner has search box for this map only.

Finally the bottom lefthand corner has the words ” View Large Map” click here and you will only presented with the map.  

Under South Holland Gazetteer project we hope the maps will be refreshed with photographs for each point and new points of interest added.