Become a Forge Volunteer

Chain Bridge Forge is a volunteer-led organisation who without their support the Museum would not survive.

Volunteers make a great contribution to all areas of the Museum life in a range of diverse roles, but we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our team.

What do Volunteers Do?

Chain Bridge Forge has four main themes:



Preserving a craft, demonstration, tasters and taking on commissions

Local History

Largely an online collection of artefacts across South Holland.


Contrasting with the tradition, our innovation centre celebrates new technology including Virtual Reality, 3D Pens, 3D Printers and scanners. It carries out demonstrations, tasters and taking on


Portable Forge which we take to events and we also give talks and demonstrations

On this page, you will find our current roles, the recruitment process and some frequently asked questions.

If we haven’t answered your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the museum or via our contact form.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteer Roles

The Forge is continually growing and evolving with our volunteers, working to deliver its strategic aim of creating exciting and relevant experiences that move, teach and inspire our increasingly diverse audiences.

We are not prescriptive and any time you can spare will be gratefully received.

The following is a summary of the roles we have within the Forge.


Volunteer Roles

Marketing, Events and Communications

The Marketing team develops and delivers the materials we use to get the museum into the public eye.

The team covers merchandising, social and traditional media, the website and the design of displays and signage.

We also organise the events that bring new visitors, and funds, to the museum.

This is a new and growing team – do you have skills to contribute in this area?



This group set the direction for the Forge and monitor the Forge performance.

Within this group people with experience are key and typical roles as follows:


Visitor Experience

The Visitor Experience team makes sure that every visitor to the museum enjoys their visit as well as learning more about our core themes. Welcoming visitors, taking payments, providing information, selling souvenirs, explaining the exhibits and acting as tour guides. It is a really varied and interesting role, as you get to supervise and engage with visitors as well as learning about our wonderful exhibits.

They also curate the collection and maintain our Accreditation – do you have skills to contribute in this area?


The Forge receives no help towards running costs therefore we have to raise money to help the Forge survive. This is done through a range of events, tasters, talks etc.

Operations – Blacksmithing and Innovation

The technical expertise to operate safely while demonstrating, providing tasters or making commissions. Training is given.

The Recruitment Process

Becoming a volunteer involves a simple five-step process…

Step 1 – Apply


Initially come and visit the Forge and talk to the Volunteers, understand what we offer and how you could enjoy this experience.

Step 2 – Complete a simple form


Click Here and complete online.

Step 3 – Informal interview


We will get in touch with you to arrange a time for an informal interview at the museum. We will get back to you within three weeks of receipt of your application.

Step 4 – Arrange start date


Once the Board of Directors has accepted your application, the Volunteer Coordinator will arrange a start date convenient to you and the team you will be working with.

Step 5 – Induction and trial period


You will receive a warm welcome from our volunteers and an induction into your role (including a Health and Safety briefing). After your first four weeks of volunteering, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to make sure you are happy in your role.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must be over 15 years old to volunteer.

Some limited expenses if previously agreed with the Directors.

No. We appreciate any amount of time you can give us as a volunteer, and while in-house volunteers must sign up to a rota, there is no need to commit to a fixed amount of time.

Yes, for some roles but in general we train and No, we do not require any specific experience for volunteering roles. The museum will provide training as required.

If you have any questions about how to apply form or volunteering, please contact the Forge

We look forward to welcoming you as a Volunteer at Chain Bridge Forge.

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