Other Heritage Places of Interest

Find out more about other heritage attractions and places of interest around the area

Ayscoughfee Hall Museum

Built in 1451 as home to a local Wool Merchant, Ayscoughfee Hall is a grade I listed building.


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Crowland Abbey and Trinity Bridge

Although it calls itself an abbey, it is actually the parish church of Crowland

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Spalding Gentlemen’s Society – The Museum

Founded in 1710, the Society boasts a long and interesting history.

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The Burtey Fen Collection

The Burtey Fen Collection is a privately owned music hall in Pinchbeck, housing three pipe organs.

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Bulb Museum

Birchgrove Garden Centre Ltd. Surfleet Road, Pinchbeck, Spalding, Lincs. PE11 3XY Tel: (01775) 680490

The History of Lincolnshire’s Flower Bulb Industry brought to life.

Museum of Technology

Throckenholt Farm, Old South Eau Bank, Spalding

The History of Gadgets and Gizmos over the past 150 years.

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Gordon Boswell Romany Museum

Clay Lake, Spalding

A fine display of Romany horse-drawn Vardos (caravans), carts and harness etc.

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Holbeach Cemetery Chapels


An excellent example of Victorian architecture, surrounded by a six-acre cemetery


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