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Dr Katherine Storr reflects on the impact of WW1


Following a career in teaching, Katherine retired in 1987 through ill health.  However, in 1993 she began studying at the University of Sussex, taking first a B.A. in Cultural Studies and then an M.A. in Contemporary History.  She followed this with a D.Phil on the First World War, and during her studies also published various articles on women’s history.  Her thesis examined the effect of the war on civilians in the areas invaded by the German army and her book, based on her thesis, is:  Excluded from the Record:  Women, Refugees and Relief, 1914 – 1929, published by Peter Lang (2010).

Since her move to Lincolnshire in 2005, Katherine has studied the help given to Belgian refugees by people of the county, publishing Belgian Refugees in Lincolnshire and Hull, 1914 – 1919, which is available from the author and can be read in some county libraries.

WW1 Archive – Katherine takes a look at the impact of WW1 on Lincolnshire in this series of articles

Lincolnshire Home Front – Introduction

Developing the Home Front – From Peace to War

Military Mobilization

Enlistment, Conscription, Exemption, Tribunals

Producing Munitions

Aerial Warfare and Home Defence


Fishing and Coastal Towns

Hospitals and Nursing

The End of the War to End All Wars

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