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Are you interested in the history, heritage, and natural environment of South Holland District of Lincolnshire? Or maybe the ancient craft of Blacksmithing.

This website contains thousands of photos, documents, stories, memories, and maps.  They have been uploaded by the volunteers at Chain Bridge Forge  originally as part of a HLF theme called All Our Stories.

Spalding Flower Parade
Blacksmithing at Chain Bridge Forge
Pinchbeck Engine

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Chain Bridge Forge

Blacksmith working at Spalding Chain Bridge Forge

We have traced the origins of the Forge back to the late 1700’s  when Joseph Rose was the Blacksmith. Today Ryan Atkin is our Blacksmith and he uses the same tools to fashion the metal.

Blacksmithing continues and we still do repairs and accept commissions. The exciting part is that we never have two days the same.

The Forge also offers training taster sessions in Blacksmithing along with a Blacksmithing Club which meets once a month on a Sunday.

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