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Oral History

Chainbridge Forge have recorded interviews with local residents that vividly illustrate how Spalding has changed since the early 20th Century. Follow the links below to hear about major events such as World War Two and the rise of the Flower Parade, as well as the social and commercial history of the town.

We are most grateful for the time and enthusiasm of all contributors.


Geoff Dodd  Talks about his life and times as a blacksmith and proprietor of the Chainbridge Forge.

Blacksmithing and the Dodd family

Construction of Floats for the Flower parade

Memories of social change and the flower parade

World War 2 comes to Spalding

Blacksmithing accounts and Day Books

The Forge and its surroundings

Marcia Egar talks about her life in Spalding

Recollections of Spalding

Stephanie Liquorish – Stephanie talks about her life and helping to construct the Flower Parade Floats.

A life and time of the Flower Parade

Retfood Wray – An interview with Bob Booth.

Retford  Wray’s story

Alec Willson, Family and May Clark talk about growing up in Spalding

Alec Wilson

Keith Seaton talks  about his family and living in Spalding

Life in the Bakery

Val Willerton

A brush with the law!

Transcript of an interview with Geoff Dodd, Geoff Taylor and Tulip Radio



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