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Oral Histories

In total 8 Oral histories were recorded and these gave us an interesting insight into how the Flower Parade was delivered each year. The oral histories cover the many roles needed to stage this event. Due COVID we were obliged to conduct many of these interviews outside. Therefore the sound was not good. To hear the recordings CLICK HERE

We also experimented in asking an illustrator to summaries the recordings and create a visual record and these are as follows:

Chairman David Norton, organiser of the parade

This interpretation was inspired by the description of the hugely complicated, yet rewarding task of organising the parade, mixed with the many fond thoughts and memories of the flower parades. Because of this various elements are included in the illustration to represent the different tasks and emotions in David’s affectionate recollection

Stuart Brotherton Officer in charge of policing the event


The themes that stood out in this story was the need to look to the future and find new ways to encourage people to be involved in new events inspired by the parade. Spalding is an area with a rich multicultural population which could all bring something new to future events. Because of this the interpretation was illustrated using rings of hands and multinational languages to portray friendship and inclusion.


Adrian Jansen, Chief Marshall

This interpretation was inspired by Adrian’s Dutch heritage and his family connections to the parades. Illustrations of Dutch Delftware tiles were used to portray the earlier complex parades he describes in his story.


John Atkinson, one of the original organisers

John Atkinson spoke of the early parades and how later on health and safety regulations negatively impacted the flower parades. This interpretation is a playful depiction of people coming together and having fun, before this changed.


Chris Davidson, assistant chief constable


This story captures the love and affection, as well as the feelings of loss those involved have for the flower parades, now they have ended. Chris recounts memories from childhood and adulthood of the experience of people coming together and celebrating Spalding. Because of this, the illustration focusses on these emotions and memories, using key words from Chris’s recollections.


Mrs Liquorish, a lifetime of the flower parade


Mrs Liquorish describes a lifetime commitment to assisting with the flower parade. Her pride in her hard work and dedication is depicted in this interpretation, which illustrates her taking part in demonstrations at Springfield’s, as a young girl.


Geoff Dodd- Float constructor


This interpretation was inspired by Geoff’s talent and flare for bringing the floats to life from the 2 dimensional designs. The illustration shows some of the characters he describes, taking on a life of their own and bursting from the pages of a designers sketchbook. This idea was also inspired by Geoff’s description of the floats being like a fairy tale.



Digital Collage illustration


This colourful and playful digital collage represents the flowers, colours and vibrancy of the parades over the many years it took place. It depicts the diverse people involved that worked hard to ensure pleasurable events were delivered to the many thousands of people who benefited at the time and who still remember them with great affection.


Susan Naker- Bio









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