Saracen's Head/ Holbeach Clough

About Saracen's Head/ Holbeach Clough


Holbeach Clough is also known as Saracen’s Head, with late 18th- and early 19th-century maps including both names. Saracen’s Head might be associated with two public houses of that name that existed at the settlement—and still exist in modern form—one for perhaps 400 years, the name possibly taken from the coat of arms of significant local Willoughby, Irby, or Littlebury families. The Saracen’s Head public house might have served travellers and traders crossing the then wide estuary of the River Welland to Fosdyke. The Anglo-Saxon coastline of the area ran immediately north of Holbeach Clough until a dike, the Roman Bank, was constructed for land reclamation in the 14th century, this running from the west at Moulton Seas End. The Saracen’s Head Ward of the local council covers Holbeach Clough