Chain Bridge Forge Library – Newspapers

Reference Number Doc Number Title  Year Publication Author
PMD1 cbf301 2 photographs 1) Follin Egg Merchant 2) Possible earlier showing horse draw cart    
PMD2 cbf225 Map Part of Sutterton and Gosberton Lordships    
PMD3 cbf228 Street Maps of the towns of South Holland    
PMD4 cbf229 Prints of Geof Clayton Blacksmith    
PMD5 cbf398 Photo of Deeping St James Post office   Early 1900’s  
PMD6 cbf230 Painting of Chain Bridge 1998 R Holloway
PMD7 cbf032 Burrows Pointer Guide Map of Spalding   Spalding Urban District Council
PMD8 cbf273 Chain Bridge Forge pictures of shoeing horses    
PMD9 cbf302 Collection of Forge and a skating picture    
PMD10 cbf289 Plans for Chain (Albert) Bridge in envelope    
PMD11 cbf252 Drawing of a float titled the greatest show on earth    
PMD12 cbf286 collection of pencil drawings of Croyland Abbey, Triangular Bridge, photograph of children and mistress, newspaper article and document referring to the flood of 1880 written by Wilfred Gray, South Square Croyland   from Alison Combes
PMD13 cbf244 prints of an old street map of Spalding on three sheets    
PMD14 cbf251 Featherstones Map of Spalding 1763  
PMD15 cbf250 Floor Plan of Crowland Abbey 1855  
PMD16 cbf057 Design plans for Leeds Building Society Float 1985  
PMD17 cbf297 Map of Fenland Landscape in the early 13th century    
PMD18 cbf291 Map of Spalding print ?  
PMD19 cbf114 Old Ordnance Survey Maps South Holland 1903 1903  
PMD20 cbf115 Old Ordnance Survey Maps South Holland 1906 1906  
PMD21 cbf116 Negatives of a fire place which Geoff Dodd made    
PMD22 cbf117 Horace Kirk of Crowland Wedding photo    
PMD23 cbf227 Photo of the Forge ,float construction & other photo’s of horses belonging to John Gostelow    
PMD24 cbf226 Spalding Information Sheet No.54 in the travel association series 1946 Edmund Vale
PMD25 cbf385 Print of East Coast Shipping Map of Wrecks  1873  
PMD26 cbf259 Photo of V E Day 1945 celebration    
PMD27 cbf118 Photographic views of Spalding and District 1900’s  
PMD28 cbf261 Photo of Girl Guides Armistice Day, Commercial Road    
PMD29 cbf418 Gordon Boswell Postcard 1919  
PMD30 cbf124 4 Postcards of Deeping St James     
PMD31 cbf141 South Holland Street Plan    
PMD32 cbf158 Spalding Residents Directory & Town Map    
PMD33 cbf274 Mixed collection of photo’s of Chain Bridge Forge and neighbouring house.    
PMD34 cbf295 Waterways Map    
PMD35   Map of the site of Wykes Manor  1781     
PMD36   British Sugar Spalding Factory Ordnance Survey Map    
PMD37   2 Postcards of Spalding    
PMD38   Collection of Float designs from the Chain Bridge Forge     
PMD39   2 photo’s, old iron fireplace & Halifax Tulip Parade Float     
PMD40    Photo in frame of the Marketplace, Spalding    
PMD41   Photo of minimum price list, national master of farriers, blacksmiths  & agricultural engineers