Chain Bridge Forge Library – Local History

Reference Number Doc Number Title  Year Publication Author
LC1 cbf002 A Century of Achievement The Story of Lincoln Co-operative Society  1960’s Frank Brukshaw & Duncan McNab
LC2 cbf003 A Fenland Landscape Glossary for Lincolnshire 1997 Hilary Healey
LC3 cbf004 A Glimpse Of The Past, Deeping St James 1998 Deeping Heritage
LC4 cbf005 A Glimpse Of The Past, Market Deeping 1992 Deeping Heritage
LC5 cbf255 A Guide Book Croyland Abbey and Triangular Bridge 1925 Reverend Hubert Larken
LC6 cbf006 A Guide To The Fens & Fenland Churches 1969 Trevor A Bevis
LC7 cbf007 A History Of Donington 1973 D.J Welbourne
LC8 cbf008 A History of Spalding 1940 E H Gooch
LC9 cbf462 More Aspects Of Spalding   M.Elsden
LC10 cbf010 A Journey Round The Parish Church of St Laurence, Surfleet 1968  
LC11 cbf011 A Lincolnshire Calendar  1997 Maureen Sutton
LC12 cbf012 A Little Book Of Spalding   Nancy Snowdon
LC13 cbf013 A Neat Little Town – The History of Holbeach 2004 Jeremy Satherley
LC14 cbf307 A Pictorial History of Canals DD Gladwin    
LC15 cbf014 A Postcard from Spalding 1992 Rosalyn Pursglove
LC16 cbf015 A Simple Guide to Spalding Conservation Area    
LC17 cbf016 A Street Map Of Spalding  ( no map )    A.L Munton Estate Agents
LC18 cbf017 A Third Lincolnshire Hotchpotch 1999 John R Ketteringham
LC19 cbf018 About Boston   Betty Coy
LC20 cbf218 Air Raid Precautions – Anti Gas Training for Miss G Blackburn Holland County Council) 1939 Mr R Cooke Jun/ Miss G Blackburn
LC21 cbf021 All Saints Church Friskney Towards the Millenium 1247 – 1999 A Concise History 1999  
LC22 cbf022 All This and No Milk 1933 – 35 1994 Eli Hague
LC23 cbf023 An Historical Atlas of Lincolnshire 2001 Stewart Bennett & Nicholas Bennett
LC24 cbf477 Anglo Saxon Lincolnshire 1998 Peter Sawyer
LC25 cbf024 Anno Regni GeorgII Regis- An Act For Draining Lands In South Holland 1793    
LC26 cbf025 Dawsmere   Rt Rev Kenneth Healey
LC27 cbf026 Around The Deepings   Dorothea Price
LC28 cbf027 Around The Welland Valley In Old Photos 1991 Steph Mastoris
LC29 cbf463 Aspects of Spalding 1790 – 1930 1886 N. Leveritt & M J Elsden
LC30 cbf464 Aspects of Spalding People and Places 1989 N. Leveritt & M J Elsden
LC31 cbf406 Aspects of Spalding Villages 2000 Michael J Elsden
LC32 cbf265 Bentleian – Moulton Grammar 2012  
LC33 cbf466 Betjeman’s Lincolnshire 2006 Bettjeman Society
LC34 cbf029 Blood Relationship Chart    
LC35 cbf030 Boston Lincolnshire Offical Guide    
LC36 cbf031 British Railways Past And Present, Lincolnshire 1995 Roger Hill & Carey Vessey
LC37 cbf033 Celebrating 75 years of Ayscoughfee Hall School 1920 – 1995 1995 Lyne Green
LC38 cbf035 Circular Rambles around Spalding 1998 Rotary Club of South Holland 
LC39 cbf036 Convicts Of Linconshire    
LC40 cbf038 Lincolnshire architectural & archaeological society reports & papers Vol 8    
LC41 cbf039 Crowland Abbey – The Abbey Church of our Lady, Saint Bartholomew, and St Guthlac 2007 Rev Stanley Swift revised by R J Cooke
LC42 cbf040 The book of Boswell   Silvester Gordon Boswell
LC43 cbf041 Croyland Abbey Official Guide  1980’s  
LC44 cbf043 Deeping St James   Deeping St James Family & Local History Group
LC45 cbf044 Discovering Donington 2007 Ian Evans
LC46 cbf045 Discovering Lincolnshire   David Kaye
LC47 cbf217 Donation of £10 from Miss G Blackburn to Spalding Urban & Rural Spitfire Fund proceeds of a Whist Drive 1940 Miss G Blackburn
LC48 cbf050 Embanking,Drainage : The Changing Fens    
LC49 cbf051 Fenland Churches & People Between Spalding & Long Sutton 1988 Norman T Wills
LC50 cbf056 From Punt to Plough A History of the Fens 2003 Rex Sly
LC51 cbf469 From where the Broughton Flows A History of the Spalding District – Australia 1976 Maurice B Keain
LC52 cbf058 Ghosts And Legends Of Lincolnshire & Fen Country   Polly Howat
LC53 cbf059 Gosberton 1952-53 2002 Della Skells
LC54 cbf060 Gosberton Public Hall 1872 – 2005 2005 Della Skells
LC55 cbf061 Guidebook for Crowland Abbey and Triangular Bridge 1920  
LC56 cbf062 Heckington Windmill – A Guide and History   A R Pocklington revised C A Pinchbeck
LC57 cbf408 History Gazetteer and Directory of Lincolnshire 1892 William White
LC58 cbf299 History of A17 Cross Keys Swing Bridge – Sutton Bridge 1990’s  
LC59 cbf063 History of Deeping Fen & Pode Hole Pumping Station    
LC60 cbf064 History Of Gedney Hill Card   Norman T Willis
LC61 cbf065 History of Long Sutton & District 1986 F w & B A Robinson
LC62 cbf066 History Of The Methodist Church, Broad Street 1887-1987    
LC63 cbf308 History of Welland House    
LC64 cbf067 History Of Wyberton 1999 Richard & Alison Austin
LC65 cbf068 Holywell Hall    
LC66 cbf467 Images of North Lincolnshire 1993 Peter Chapman
LC67 cbf070 Ivo Taillbois 2010 Nancy Snowdon
LC68 cbf071 John Grundy of Spalding 1719-1793   Neil R Wright
LC69 cbf386 John Harrison and the Problem of Longtitude   Heather and Mervyn Hodben
LC70 cbf072 John Ploughman’s Talk   Charles Haddon Spurgeon
LC71 cbf073 Changing fields    Harold Brightman
LC72 cbf075 Life in Lincs 1908 Bert Fryer
LC73 cbf076 Lincolnshire 2001 Julianne Coggan
LC74 cbf077 Lincolnshire 2001 Francis Frith’s
LC75 cbf078 Lincolnshire  1995 David Kaye
LC76 cbf405 Lincolnshire  Towns and Industry 1982 Neil R Wright
LC78 cbf214 Lincolnshire Almhouses – Nine Centuries of Charitable Housing 2002 Linda Crust
LC79 cbf403 Lincolnshire and the Fens 1952 M W Barley
LC80 cbf483 lincolnshire History and Archaeology 1995 Soc of Lincolnshire History Archaeology
LC81 cbf081d Lincolnshire History and Archaeology Vol 46  2011  
LC82 cbf081e Lincolnshire History and Archaeology Vol 47 2012  
LC83 cbf465 Lincolnshire Memories 1998 David Cuppleditch
LC84 cbf082 Walks around Spalding    
LC85 cbf083 Donington Parish Church    
LC86 cbf090 The Medieval Trail North Kesteven    
LC87 cbf091 Looking at Lincolnshire 1999 David Start
LC88 cbf221 Village Traditions    Heritage Lincolnshire
LC89 cbf093 Matthew Flinders His Life Voyages 1993 South Holland Tourism
LC90 cbf482 Memories of a Church Family    
LC91 cbf095 Memories of Life in South Holland Lincolnshire 1993 Age Concern
LC92 cbf096 Memories of Spalding 1933 – 1953 1950’s Joy Hanes Ferguson
LC92 cbf097 Nobbut A Yellerbelly 2006 Alan Stennett
LC93 cbf098 Queen of the salt marshes    
LC94 cbf396 Octavia Hill Museum 1998  
LC95 cbf468 Lincolnshire Salterns 1999 Heritage Trust
LC96 cbf085 Lincolnshire Village Signs Book 1   Shirley Addy & Maureen Long
LC97 cbf086 Lincolnshire Villages 2002 Lincolnshire Federations of Women Institute
LC98 cbf087 A short history of Spalding shipwreck society   M.Elsden
LC99 cbf088 Lincolnshire within living memory 1995 Lincolnshire Federations of Women Institute
LC100 cbf089 Lincs In Place And Time   Thurlby Heritage
LC101 cbf484 Living Stones – The story of Baptists in Spalding 1646 – 1996 1996 Shelia Hance Avril Rogers
LC102 cbf109 A history of the Catholic Church of the immaculate conception and St Norbert   Edward T Fordham
LC103 cbf110 Official Guide To Spalding  Late 60’s  
LC104 cbf111 Old Coningsby and its People 1997 Brian Hipkin
LC105 cbf113 Old Fishing Tackle 1995 Nigel Dowden
LC106 cbf119 Pinchbeck past and Present the Lincolnshire Tramp   Brian Pentanale
LC107 cbf120 Pinchbecks Lost Manor, Archaelogical Investigation At Healeys Field, Pinchbeck    
LC108 cbf123 Port of Spalding Acts of Parliament 1844  
LC109 cbf125 Prisoner Of The Fens 2003 Trevor  Bevis
LC110 cbf126 Recollections Of A Country Boy 1916-1936    
LC111 cbf127 Recollections Of A Country Copper 1916-1966   Bert Fryer
LC112 cbf128 Reflecting Lincolnshire   Roy Fisk
LC113 cbf129 Rememberance of Times Past – Pinchbeck 2005 Tom Bray
LC114 cbf130 River Welland  2012 Dorothy Price
LC115 cbf475 Roman Lincolnshire 1992 J B Whitwell
LC116 cbf132 Seventeenth Century Tradesmen’s Tokens of Lincolnshire The Issuers 1983 T W Townsend
LC117 cbf133 The memoirs of a Fenland mole catcher   Bill Pop Bowles
LC118 cbf232 lincolnshire   Henry Thorold
LC119 cbf134 Snippets From Old Spalding Town   Trevor Bevis
LC120 cbf135 Soil In Their Souls, History Of Fenland Farming 2010 Rex Sly
LC121 cbf136 South Holland District Council – Offical Guide 1950’s SHDC
LC122 cbf137 South Holland District Council Markets    
LC123 cbf138 South Holland District Council Offical Guide    
LC124 cbf139 South Holland Lincolnshire    South Holland Tourism
LC125 cbf140 Pinchbeck past and present     Dulcie Edmonds & David Cox 
LC126 cbf142 Spalding 1625 – 1660 A Fair Town in a World Turned Upside Down 2006 Rose Clark
LC127 cbf143 Spalding And District Directory 1964-5    
LC128 cbf144 Spalding County Primary School (Westlode Street Site) 1838 – 1981 1981  
LC129 cbf150 Spalding Golf Club 1907- 2007 2007 David Hill
LC130 cbf151 Spalding Golf Club 1908- 1993    
LC131 cbf152 Spalding in early Victorian Times 2005 Bernard Clark
LC132 cbf153 Spalding in Flower 1987  
LC133 cbf154 Spalding in Springtime    
LC134 cbf155 A selection of memorials in St Mary & St Nicholas Parish Church    
LC135 cbf156 Spalding In The Fifties 2007 Spalding Guardian
LC137 cbf157 Spalding On Industrial History    Neil Wright
LC138 cbf159 Spalding Rural District Official Guide    
LC139 cbf160 Lincolnshire Gleanings    Roy Fisk
LC140 cbf161 Spalding South Holland Speyer    
LC141 cbf162 Spalding The Evolution Of A Fenland Town 2000.863122 Bernard Clark
LC142 cbf163 Spalding Town Walk   SHDC
LC143 cbf164 Spalding Tulipland Official Guide 1950’s SHDC
LC144 cbf241 Pieces of Pinchbeck    
LC145 cbf165 Spalding flower parade the golden years 2007 Lincs Free Press 
LC146 cbf166 Spalding, Holbeach, Moulton & Whaplode in picture postcards 2011 Eric Croft
LC147 cbf474 Steam – Engine Builders of Lincolnshire 1998 Soc of Lincolnshire History Archaeology
LC148 cbf167 Stock List- Farrow & Son Ltd, Spalding     
LC149 cbf168 Stoke Rochford Hall- A Short History 2011 Terence R Leach
LC150 cbf271 Storm and Flood 1996  
LC151 cbf270 Images of Lincolnshire Farming  2011 Alan Stennett
LC152 cbf169 Sutton Bridge & Long Sutton- An Industrial History    
LC153 cbf170 Tales Of Old Lincolnshire   Adrian Gray
LC154 cbf171 Tales They Tell 1987 Lindsay Williamson
LC155 cbf172 Tatershall – Manor, Castle, Church 1930 A Hamilton Thompson
LC156 cbf173 Holbeach Guide   Holbeach District Chamber of Trade
LC157 cbf174 Brewery History 2014  
LC158 cbf258 Tatershall – Manor, Castle, Church 1932 A Hamilton Thompson
LC159 cbf256 Lincolnshire Railway Stations in old picture postcards 1993 Eric Croft
LC160 cbf257 Tatershall Castle 1965  
LC161 cbf175 Ten Walks around Boston    
LC162 cbf176 Tennyson Trails 1985  
LC163 cbf178 The Drainage of the Black Sluice Area 1638 – 1969   Black Sluice Drainage Board
LC164 cbf480 The Draining of the Fens 1956 H C Darby
LC165 cbf181 The First Hundred Years Of Scouting In Holbeach And Spalding   Wendy Smith
LC166 cbf182 The Hatchments Of The Johnson Family    
LC167 cbf390 The History of Holbeach Drove Methodist Church    
LC168 cbf183 The Life of Matthew Flinders of Donington 1774 – 1814   A K James
LC169 cbf184 Defending Lincolnshire 2010 Mike Osborne
LC170 cbf185 The Lincolnshire Potato Railways 2005 S F Squires
LC171 cbf407 The Lincolnshire Rising 1536 1996 Anne Ward
LC172 cbf186 The Mailman in Crowland   John Kemmery
LC173 cbf402 The Medieval Fenland 1940 H C Darby
LC174 cbf187 The Museum Building of the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society 1911 – 2011 2011 Susan J Martinelli
LC175 cbf387 The New Lands of Elloe – A study in Early Land Reclamation in Lioncolshire    
LC176 cbf254 700 years in the life of Spalding Parish Church   Marion Brassington
LC177 cbf188 The Owd Boy And The ‘Oss 2006 Alan Middleton
LC178 cbf189 The Parish Church of Saint James Moulton Chapel – A Short History 1991  
LC179 cbf190 The Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul, Wisbech   Wim Zwalf
LC180 cbf388 Home Town, what’s in a name    John Dodgson
LC181 cbf191 The River Makers 1999 Trevor Bevis
LC182 cbf192 The River Welland, Shipping & Mariners of Spalding 2013 K Seaton
LC183 cbf304 History of St Mary’s, Long Sutton   Dr Charles Kightly
LC184 cbf193 The Story Of Saracens Head   Chris Chouler & Mary Waters
LC185 cbf194 The Vanishing FENS    
LC186 cbf197 Victorian & Edwardian Prisons    Trevor May
LC187 cbf479 The Whistler at the Plough 1989 Alexander Somerville
LC188 cbf198 Thomas of Moulton   Nancy Snowdon
LC189 cbf199 Thorney Abbey: A Brief History 1999 Dorthy Husband
LC190 cbf202 Water Water everywhere – The Draining of the Fens 1992 T Bevis
LC191 cbf204 Welland Navigation Bylaws 1834  
LC192 cbf205 Weston and Weston Hills – Past and Present A Book for the Millennium 2000 Weston Parish Council
LC193 cbf404 Wide Horizons – Hard graft for old-time Fenman    
LC194 cbf207 Wide Horizons, History Of South Hollands Landscape And People   Paul Cope-Faulkener, Hilary Healey & Tom Lane
LC195 cbf212 Yesteryear Around The Cross 2000 B.A  Robinson
LC196 cbf486 South of the Wash 1999  
LC197 cbf488 A History of the Fens of South Lincolnshire 1990 William Henry Wheeler
LC198 cbf491 The Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway 1982 John Rhodes
LC199 cbf492 Treasures Beyond Measure 1981 Lincolnshire Old Church Trust
LC200 cbf493 Lincolnshire From The Air 1993 David Start
LC201 cbf494 Lincolnshire Curiosities 1994 Howard Peach
LC202 cbf495 The Kings England Lincolnshire 1970 Arthur Mee
LC203 cbf496 Windmills And Watermills   Jenny West
LC204 cbf497 History in Camera East Coast Shipping 1989 A A C Hedges
LC205 cbf498 Fen, Fire & Flood   Edward Storey
LC206 cbf499 History of Lincolnshire Volume X 1979 R J Olney
LC207 cbf500 A History of Lincolnshire 1985 Alan Rogers
LC208 cbf502 Within These Walls 1994 Joyce Brown
LC209 cbf503 Windmills of Lincolnshire 2012 Jon Sass
LC210 cbf504 Windmills in Pinchbeck Lincolnshire 2014 Joyce M Curtis
LC211 cbf505 Lincolnshire Windmills 1986 Peter Dolman
LC212 cbf506 Tudor Lincolnshire    Gerald A.J. Hodgett
LC213 cbf507 7 Squadron Pathfinders   Joe Dickinson
LC214 cbf508 Seventy Years ago in Spalding    Mrs A Tointon
LC215 cbf509 A Rural Ministry Cowbit    
LC216 cbf510 My life story and Bible Talks    E.A. Dodson
LC217 cbf511 George Bass 1771-1803    
LC218 cbf512 Village Traditions     
LC219 cbf513 From Plough to College   Joseph H Smith
LC220 cbf514 Lincolnshire Architectural & archaeological  reports     
LC221  cbf515 Gooch of Spalding 1885 – 1962 2010 Bruce Watson
LC222 CBF516 Elsie Biggadyke Remembers    Judith Withyman
LC223 cbf517 Fenland Pumping Engines    K.S.G Hinde
LC224  cbf518 A walk round guide to the parish church of St Mary and St Nicholas   Ronald Stanley and Mary B Stanley
LC225 cbf519 Lincolnshire Dialects 1976 G Edward Campion
LC226  cbf520 Mini Stories from the Fens   T Bevis
LC227 cbf521 Lincolnshire  A Shell Guide  1965 Jack Yates & Henry Thorold
LC228 cbf522 M&GN in Focus   M.D Beckett & P.R Hemnell
LC229 cbf523 Fenland and Marshland Villages  1993 Anthony Day
LC230 cbf524 Woad in the Fens   Norman T Willis
LC231 cbf525 Place names in Lincolnshire   E H Gooch
LC232 cbf526 Lost Lines Eastern 1995 Nigel Welbourn
LC233 cbf527 Illustrated Lincolnshire    G.J Wilkinson
LC234 cbf528 Sucked down by the whirlpool   The quest for King Johns treasure    Jim Wright
LC235 cbf529 Lincolnshire in 1880 1980 Lynn Tasker
LC236 cbf530 Highways & Byways in Lincolnshire  1927 Frederick L Griggs
LC237 cbf531 Jerry oonder the bed    Jeremy Satherley
LC238 cbf532 History of the Deepings    F.A Day
LC239 cbf533 History of Spalding district association of the national union of teachers   Arthur Watkinson
LC240 cbf534 History of Boston series No.3   Richard Kay
LC241 cbf535 Geest 1935-1985   Roy Stemman
LC242 cbf536 Tuxford Catalogue  1858  
LC243 cbf537 Lincolnshire people    John Ketteringham
LC244 cbf538 The lost railways of Lincolnshire   Stewart E. Squires
LC245 cbf539 History and photos of a Spalding family   Margaret Johnson
LC246 cbf540 1828/29 Pigot and Co’s directory 1828/29  
LC247 cbf541 1851 Census  Spalding  1851  
LC248 cbf542 A Short Geography of Lincolnshire 1946 S B Vickers
LC249 cbf543 Snippets from the life of a Spaldonian   Francis Hanson
LC250 cbf544 Memories of Lincolshire Farming 2009 Alan Stennett
LC251 cbf545 Ayscoughfee and its History 1912 Spalding Free Press
LC252 cbf546 Ayscoughfee and its History 1923 Spalding Free Press
LC253 cbf547 Ah Happy Years! Memories of childhood and Adolescence 1921 – 1940 2004 Peter Moore
LC254 cbf548 Some Unwritten History of Spalding Priory   Charles Breaers
LC255 cbf549 Lincolnshire Ports and Waterways 1996 Mike Taylor
LC256 cbf550 The Lincolnshire Poacher  Cowbit Wash Old Water Mill Summer 2008  
LC257 cbf551 Archaeology in Boston 1997     
LC258 cbf552 A Brief Guide to St Mary’s Church  Sutterton    
LC259 cbf553 The New Lands of Elloe – A study in Early Land Reclamation in Lioncolshire    
LC260   The History of the potato in Lincolnshire  2008 David Hopkins
LC261   Matthew Flinders – His life in Donington    
LC262   The way we were Summer 1991  
LC263   Tattershall Castle     
LC264   A Guide Book For Croyland Abbey and Triangular Bridge   Rev Hubert Larken
LC265   A Guide Book For Croyland Abbey and Triangular Bridge  revised edition   Rev Hubert Larken
LC266   The Gardens of Ayscoughfee Hall   Document    
LC267   Sneaths Mill Trust leaflet    
LC268   Archaeology report on the former petrol station, Albion Street, Spalding    
LC269   Sutton Bridge gateway to Lincolnshire leaflet    
LC270   Lincolnshire Association quarterly bulletin  26634  
LC271   Portrait of a village- Terrington St John    
LC272   Lincolnshire History and Archaeology Vol 48  2013  
LC273   South Lincolnshire Archeology 1   1977  
LC274   Bye-Laws made by the Urban District Council of Spalding    
LC275   Spalding a brief history document    
LC276   South Holland District Council – Offical Guide    
LC277   Crowland Town Magazine  42401  
LC278   The Lost Farmyard   Harold Brightman
LC279   Changes in my lifetime   Harold Brightman
LC280   Lincolnshires Industrial Heritage – a guide 2004 Neil Wright
LC281   One Man’s View 1974 Museum of Lincolnshire Life
LC282   A week in Woodhall Spa July 1910 – extracts from a young lady’s journal     
LC283   South Holland Looks Back   Local Life 1913-1973  VHS Tape 1993 Lincolnshire & Humberside Film Archive 
LC284   Behind the scenes Spalding Flower Festival 1988  VHS Tape 1988  
LC285   Local Heroes Wartime memories from Long Sutton DVD    SHDC 
LC286   Spalding Today DVD  2009 Bigscreenproductions
lLC287   Taku Bridge comes to Spalding VHS Tape  2003 D.S.Huett
LC288   Images of Lincolnshire  VHS Tape 1991 Praxis Films Ltd
LC289   Notices and remarkable events and curious facts with various and interesting scraps.. 1996 SHDC