Chain Bridge Forge Library – Legal

Reference Number Doc Number Title  Year Publication Author
MIS1 cbf445 Absolute Surrender Joseph Rose, Thomas Rose and John Rose to William Rose 1850  
MIS2 cbf415 Absolute Surrenderof the property once owned by William White/Sharp and Freir,Laming, Jackson to Mrs Preston 1901  
MIS3 cbf428 Absolute surrendor Mrs S J Smith to Everett Caulton  1888  
MIS4 cbf457 Admission Mrs Sarah J Smith under the will of Mr William Rose 1887  
MIS5 cbf446 Admission of John Rose under will of Joesph Rose 1850  
MIS6 cbf443 Admission of Joseph Rose under will of Joesph Rose 1850  
MIS7 cbf430 Admission of Mr Everett Caulton on the surrender of Mrs S J Smith 1888  
MIS8 cbf440 Admission of Thomas Rose under will of Joesph Rose 1850  
MIS9 cbf448 Admission of William Rose and Eleanor his wife under the will of Joesph Rose 1820  
MIS10 cbf442 Admission of William Rose on surrender of  Joseph Rose Thomas Rose and John Rose 1850  
MIS11 cbf441 Admission of William Rose under will of Joseph Rose 1850  
MIS12 cbf433 Admission under will Everett Caulton to Frier, Caulton Jackson 1901  
MIS13 cbf425 Arthur Preston insurance of 1 Swan St Furniture Broker 1896  
MIS14 cbf435 Auction details for the sale Everrett Caulton estate 1901  
MIS15 cbf242 Collection of genealogy notes    
MIS16 cbf284 collection of invoices    
MIS17 cbf294 Collection of papers pertaining to 32 High St 1970  
MIS18 cbf216 Collection of timesheets for a Mr Crosby working for Mr A R Ckark Moulton Eaugate 1947 to early 50″s  
MIS19 cbf454 Conditional Surrender Mrs Sarah Jane Smith to Rev Canon More 1887  
MIS20 cbf414 Contract of sale Mr Berzant to Mr A Preston cottages in Chapel Lane 1900  
MIS21 cbf420 Conveyance between Winfred Preston and Geoff Dodd regarding 32 High St 1977  
MIS22 cbf434 Conveyance for sale of Chain Bridge Forge E Fisher executors to G R Dodd 1899  
MIS23 cbf285 Conveyance for the sale of Forge to SHDC    
MIS24 cbf409 Conveyance Preston to Preston – 32 High Street 1943  
MIS25 cbf300 Copy of a letter between R Fisher and Mr Dodd 1906  
MIS26 cbf247 copy of George Robert Dodd death certificate 1949  
MIS27 cbf245 Copy of GR Dodd birth certificate 1867 copy dated 1918  
MIS28 cbf037 Copy of versus ? Spalding Poisoning Mystery    
MIS29 cbf458 Copy of Will of Mr Joseph Rose 1811  
MIS30 cbf246 Copy of Winifred Maud Dodd birth certificate 1899 copy dated 1912  
MIS31 cbf429 Covernant to surrender Mrs S J Smith with Everett Caulton 1888  
MIS32 cbf439 Decleration of Rachael Christian 1850  
MIS33 cbf410 Documents held by Midland Bank reference 32 High St 1951  
MIS34 cbf046 Dodd Day Book 1913 – 1915  
MIS35 cbf047 Dodd Day Book 1925 – 1928  
MIS36 cbf048 Dodd Day Book 1929 – 1935  
MIS37 cbf049 Dodd Day Book 1937 – 1941  
MIS38 cbf224 Fire Place made by Geoff Dodd    
MIS39 cbf053 Fisher Day Books 1850 – 1860  
MIS40 cbf437 Fisher paid off mortgage 1850  
MIS41 cbf054 Folder-  Newspaper items and photos    
MIS42 cbf260 Former Petrol Station – Archaeology Desk Top 2000  
MIS43 cbf055 Frank Jordan Morton Bourne Lincs – Sales Book    
MIS44 cbf288 Free Press 1904  
MIS45 cbf279 G B Dodd engineering drawing    
MIS46 cbf278 G B Dodd invoice for A Spalding & Son Ltd    
MIS47 cbf426 G R Dodd rent of Chain Bridge Forge 1898  
MIS48 cbf219 Games for Socials and for Family Parties ? Ann Temple Daily Mail
MIS49 cbf422 Geoff Dodds mortgage of 32 High St 1977  
MIS50 cbf423 Geoff Dodds mortgage of 32 High St 1969  
MIS51 cbf248 George Banks Dodd birth certificate 1969  
MIS52 cbf231 Girl Guides on Armistice Day in Commercial Rd    
MIS53 cbf243 Letter R Fisher to G R Dodd 1906  
MIS54 cbf397 letter to Geoff Dodd from Diana Frohock plus photos 2012  
MIS55 cbf306 Letter to Grace from George    
MIS56 cbf424 Loan from Buschman to Preston 1968  
MIS57 cbf436 Loan from William White to Edward Fisher 1850  
MIS58 cbf280 Maples & Son letter on sale of the Forge 32295  
MIS59 cbf281 Maples & Son letter on sale of the Forge 1988  
MIS60 cbf249 Marriage Certificate George Banks Dodd and Blackburn 1925  
MIS61 cbf444 Marriage of John Short to Ann Lee – Long Bonnington also attached the marriage certificate of John Camm to Sarah Bundall 1844 Spalding, Birth of Isaac Bundall 1845 Spalding and Death of Isaac Bundall in 1846 1853  
MIS61 cbf453 Mortgage Mrs S J Smith to The Rev Canon More formerly the property W White 1887  
MIS62 cbf455 Mortgage Mrs S J Smith to The Rev Canon More formerly the property W White 1887  
MIS63 cbf417 Mr A Preston payment to Maples 1906  
MIS64 cbf459 Mr G Edmonds to Steward to cancel debt of Edward Fisher  1860  
MIS65 cbf099 Notices of remarkable events and curious facts with Various and Interesting     
MIS66 cbf100 Notices Of The History And Antiquities Of Spalding    
MIS67 cbf431 Payment Mr Everett Caulton to Bonner  1888  
MIS68 cbf310 Pigot and Co.’s 1928/ 9 1928  
MIS69 cbf451 Receipt for payment Edward Fisher to G Edmonds 1860  
MIS70 cbf421 Receipt of Payment to Emma Preston in relation to property owned by William Sharpe 1922  
MIS71 cbf416 Sale of 32 High St to Mrs Preston 1901  
MIS72 cbf438 Sale of Property William White to Edward Fisher 1849  
MIS73 cbf427 Sale of Sail Loft once occupied Sharp/White as part of the will of E Caulton 1888  
MIS74 cbf447 Sale of shop William Rose senior to John Butters 1835  
MIS75 cbf432 Sales Contract between Mr J Berzant and Mr A Preston No 9 Chapel Lane 1900  
MIS76 cbf131 Sempringham    
MIS77 cbf282 SHDC correspondence on the Forge 31656  
MIS78 cbf394 Sheffield City Museum – Information Sheet   Sheffield City Museum
MIS79 cbf305 Sun Insurance Certificate for the Forge 1957  
MIS80 cbf413 Sun insurance for 28 High St owned by Mrs Preston 1902  
MIS81 cbf412 Sun insurance for property owned by Mrs Preston 1909  
MIS82 cbf419 Supplemental Abstract of the Title of the representatives of Alice Preston following her death in 1917 1943  
MIS83 cbf411 Supplemental Abstract of Title of Mrs Weston reference 32 High St 1943  
MIS84 cbf213 the Book of Boswell 1970 Silvester Gordon Boswell
MIS85 cbf456 The Devises in trust of the late Maurice Johnson Esq and Mr Charles Bonner to Edward Fisher 1869  
MIS86 cbf450 Warrant to cancel Edward Fisher debt in buying the Forge with G Edmonds 1860  
MIS87 cbf206 Wholesale Confectioner J Judge paper bag    
MIS88 cbf449 Will of Joseph Rose 1811  
MIS89 cbf208 Wrecks around uk 1873  
MIS90    The best of James Herriot   Readers Digest
MIS91   Traditional British Crafts 1989 Geoffrey Young
MIS92   A heritage of Anglian Crafts 1981 G.M Dixon