Chain Bridge Forge Library – Blacksmithing and Farrier

Reference Number Doc Number Title Year Publication Author
B1 cbf001 A Blacksmithing Primer 2004 Randy Mc Daniel
B2 cbf276 The Village Wheelwright 1994 Jocelyn Bailey
B3 cbf028 Blacksmiths Shops 1975 Colourmaster Publication
B4 cbf400 Cathedral, Forge and Waterwheel 1994 Frances & Joseph Gies
B5 cbf034 Chains And Chainmaking Charles Fogg
B6 cbf476 Civil Engineering Heritage Eastern & Central England 1998 E A Labrum
B7 cbf395 The Wheelwrights Shop George Sturt
B8 cbf393 Heavy Horse Handbook 1972 Lee Weatherley
B9 cbf042 Decorative Ironwork
B10 cbf460 every man his Own Farrier Francis Clater  Dr D McTaggart
B11 cbf069 Horse Identifier (Apictorial guide to horses) 1979
B12 cbf309 Diseases of the horses foot 1925 H. Caulton Reeks
B13 cbf092 Lost Crafts 2009 Una Mc Govern
B14 cbf094 Me Dads The Village Blacksmith Alf Strange
B15 cbf177 The Care Of Saws 2002.540984
B16 cbf461 Welding Processes and Technology 1968 D Romans EN Simons
B17 cbf179 The Education of The Horse Rooker’s Illustrated Horsemanship 1894 Professor E K Crocker
B18 cbf180 The Engineering Works of John Grundy A.W Skempton
B19 cbf287 Blacksmiths Manual Illustrated J.W Lillico
B20 cbf470 The Foot and Shoeing 1965 Major C Davenport
B21 cbf275 Weights and Measures J.T Graham
B22 cbf392 Welding Engineering Science & Metallurgy J.Gardner
B23 cbf233 The Rapid Pocket Steel, Iron and Metal Reckoner
B24 cbf195 The Victorian Ironmonger Cecil A Meadows
B25 cbf196 The Village Blacksmith 1971 Ronald Webber
B26 cbf201 Catalogue of drawings  Wethervanes Rural Development Commission
B27 cbf203 Weathervanes 1997 Patricia & Philip Mockridge
B28 cbf209 Wrought Iron 2011 Richard Hayman
B29 cbf210 Wrought Ironwork Council For Small Industries In Rural Areas Salisbury
B30 cbf211 Wrought Ironwork 2004.218846 Council For Small Industries In Rural Areas Salisbury
B31 cbf471 Wrought Ironwork 1953 Rural Industries Bureau
B32 cbf The Complete American Farrier & Horse Doctor Col Forrest
B33 The Farriers Journal 17958
B34 The guild of wrought ironwork craftsmen of Wessex