Chain Bridge Forge Library – Agriculture

Reference Number Doc Number Title  Year Publication Author
AG1 cbf009 A Journal 1811 The Diary of a Lincolnshire Farmer’s Daughter 2005 Audrey & philip Walker
AG2 cbf020 Agricultural Hand Tools 1983 Roy Brigden
AG3 cbf343 Farming In Lincolnshire 3000 BC to 2000 AD 2004 Elizabeth Bates
AG4 cbf401 Bulbs in Britain – A century of Growing 1983 R C Dobbs
AG5 cbf481 General View of the Agriculture of the County of Lincolnshire 1970 Arthur Young
AG6 cbf472 History of British Agriculture 1846 – 1914 1971 Orwin & Whetham
AG7 cbf112 Old Farm Implements           1963 Philip Wright
AG8 cbf121 Ploughs And Ploughing 1984 Roy Brigden
AG9 cbf122 Ploughs up to Date The most Reliable Ploghs in the World – R Hornsby & sons  1984  
AG10 cbf277 The Agricultural Revolution in Norfolk 1967 Naomi Riches
AG11 cbf391 The Farmers of Old England 1973 Eric Kerridge
AG12 cbf473 Old Farm tools 1971 John Vince
AG13 cbf478 Farm Machinery 1750 – 1945 1989 Jonathan Brown
AG14   Skinner & Johnson Ltd 17899  
AG15   Farming and the First World War   NFU Mutual
AG16   Farming through the ages 1978 Robert Trow-Smith