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Pupils and Staff at Gosberton Hall School

Pupils and Staff at Gosberton Hall School. It shows a Mr Charles Boyer Junior and the Rev Payne. The photo is believed to date around 1906.

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  1. I have in my possession a note book from Gosberton Hall School which dates from mid 1880’s. It is entitled “Life at School”,has printed guide to school activities and chronicles the daily life of one of the pupils Edward ? in beautiful copper plate handwriting.Mr Boyer is mentioned in the notes.
    I would like this notebook to go to a museum or school archive if I find the right place for it.
    Please forward info so that notebook can be returned to its origins.
    Thank you, Lily Betts

    1. Dear Lily, Our Museum would be honoured to have the note book. We would photograph it and make it available on our website so the maximum number of people can share it and conduct research. I am also a member of Gosberton History Group linked to the church and we would make it available for them. Currently over 100 people a day view our artefacts online.
      Hope you approve of this usage.
      Geoff Taylor telephone no 07960587724

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