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William John and Beatrice Maud Auker

These are photos of my Grandfather William John Auker and Grandmother Beatrice Maud Auker (nee Hicks) who lived in Drove End for many years. The first photo shows my Grandfather in his dress uniform. He volunteered for the 1st Norfolk Regiment in 1914 and I presume this was taken prior to him embarking for France shortly after. The second photo is of my Grandparents wedding day I believe. They married in 1917 by which time grandad had won promotion to Sargent. My Grandfather had a very distinguished war record, being awarded the Military Medal and twice being mentioned in dispatches for acts of bravery and gallantry. He also won the Mons Star which was a medal awarded was to those who took part in this early major battle which started in August 1914. The thing that strikes me about the pictures is the change in my Grandfather‘s appearance in just three years. The first photo shows him as a youthful looking 20year old whilst the second shows him as a much tougher looking man. We can only imagine what horrors they saw on a daily basis and what effect this had on them in later life.

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