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Wellband Breakdown Truck, Flower Parade 1964

E.H Wellband breakdown truck, a popular feature in the Spalding Flower Parade which always brought up the rear of the parade. Seen here in 1964.

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AOS P 2993 E.H. Wellband breakdown truck which brought up the rear of the parade 1964

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  1. My great great uncle Richard Dawson Wellband developed the Dick Wellband daffodil and was a very well known horticulturist in Spalding.

    1. Hi I have found a book which references your great uncle. Look in section called birth of an industry.
      I will add all other sections of the book over the next week. Please share more of Richard Wellband if you have it. Maybe photo?
      He was an interesting man.
      a couple of other comments from Facebook
      The Richard(Dick) Wellband I knew ran a garage in Swan St. and lived in Halmergate with his wife Ivy.
      John Wellband (relative) ran Welecs camera shop in New Rd

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