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Tulip Land

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There was a “Tulip Route” in the area of several miles. There was 3 “Tulip Sundays” – the last Sunday in April and the first 2 in May. The traffic would be bumper to bumper most of the way round there was so many visitors. Special trains and buses used to come into Spalding. The Tulip Queen and her 2 attendants drove round the route on each of the Sundays as well as attending special events in the area. This was before the Tulip Parade (which was in 1959)even started – would be in the early to mid fifties.

Shirley Pope My cousin thought it was in the 1960 era. I have lived in Spalding since 1961, looks like a concrete bridge in the background, going over the Coronation Channel? Photo is only 2″ square.

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Tulip land