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Tower mill, Deeping St James

Image showing the old Deeping St James corn mill which used to stand close to today’s junction of Broadgate Lane and Hereward Way and was demolished in 1960. The photo was taken at the time it had no sails or fantail.

Do you have memories of this mill ? If so, please leave a comment.

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AOS P 3385 Tower mill, Deeping St James, with no sails or fantail

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  1. I find this picture quite unusual for Lincolnshire ! This looks like a close boarded smock mill – which in itself is quite rare for the County (although there is an existing one at Dyke). The cap is quite unusual for Lincolnshire too ! The type of mill depicted does not have a fantail arrangement on the cap (as a tower mill has) and is ‘winded’ by rotating the cap with the pole set up at the rear of the mill which often carried the fan tail gantry at ground level, running on a level track around the mill.
    Might be worth some research as there appears to be some kind of additional shelter built around the base which suggests that the mill had been modified some time previous.

  2. Geoff
    did you find out much about this mill , i believe it was where my father was born if you have any information i would really appreciate it.

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