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Photographs of Long Sutton Fire Brigade 1903 to 1984


Source: Long Sutton In Times Past – N Arnold

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  1. I have 2 wheel hubs marked Bingham and son. Long Sutton . Builders were these made for a cart made by them. They came from a cart on my grandpa’s farm Seagate Farm. My grandpa was Alfie Tann

  2. My Uncle Arthur Williamson and his son Lawrence were both firemen at Long Sutton, Arthur was part of the team that won at Kirton. Arthur ran the social club and looked after the station for many years.

  3. The picture given as the “Martin trailer pump” looks wrong as it seems to show a manual fire engine (probably the Shand Mason) that would have been pulled by the pair of horses seen on the left. The date would probably be nearer the start of the 20th century than in the second or third decade.
    The date of the picture showing fireman sat on their Leyland Cub fire engine would be post 1941 as that’s when the National Fire Service came into existence and it lasted until 1948.

    1. Hi thank you for your additions. Please tell us more. It would be a good addition to the site. Regards Geoff

  4. Wow. I think the Cox’s shown here could be relatives of ours. We are descendants of Cox’s who migrated to Australia from Long Sutton in the late 1800’s. I think these men could be my grandfather’s cousins.

    Really interesting to see.

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Mr. John James Bingham who lived 1872-1957. He was the third generation of wagon, coach and carriage builders on Gedney Road, Long Sutton. He went to the local school and later became the Fire Captain (1910-1913). He had seven daughters who all started their education at the local school.