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Paul Harts Show Garden, Spalding

This photo shows Paul Harts show garden,which was at Little London,Spalding. This garden was for the bulb season and showcased at Tulip Time.  Dated as 1950’s

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AOS P 2520 paul harts show garden, little london. this was for the bulb season and showcased at tulip time 40s 0r 50s

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  1. I was 9 & visiting with my Nannie who was visiting her sister who had a small grocery shop on the as I recall the corner opposite Paul Harts gardens , would so welcome being able to fill in massive gaps in childhood memories of very happy times in Spalding . I. Have no idea of Nannies sisters name other than she was called Kate married to Sam who died on HMS Hood , they had a daughter Nora whose house was over the road from the little grocery shop. My Nannie’s name was Mary Ann Wootton whose father I believe was a pastor & lived in Spalding.
    If anyone can help I’d be thrilled, I have some photos if of interest.
    Very many thanks

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