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Moulton Windmil

In 1998, a group of local volunteers in association with the Lincolnshire Mills Group, formed the Moulton Windmill Project.
In 1999 the Project became a limited company and a registered charitable trust with the aim of preserving and promoting Moulton Mill and the heritage value of the Fens so that future generations may share their magic.
 The Project is largely made up of local people who wanted to restore the Mill to full working order. They are supported in their work by the Friends of Moulton Mill who volunteer as guides, shop assistants and tea room staff.
From 1999-2001 applications were made to the Heritage Lottery Fund, English Heritage and the European Regional Development Fund through Lincolnshire County Council. The expected cost of the restoration was £902,000.00 however the figure was nearer to £1.2 million. As a result restoration has been split into 3 phases.
Phase 1 – Restoration of the Mill,Granary Tearooms and Interpretation Centre.
Heritage Lottery Fund awarded a grant of £702500.00,English heritage £ 80,000.00, ERDF £60,000.00 and Lincolnshire County Council £60,000.00. A working capital loan was provided by the Architectural Heritage Fund and guaranteed by Moulton Bulb Company ( Oldershaws).
Restoration work started in March 2004 and work was completed in April 2005.
The Mill opened its doors to the public on the 29th April 2005.
In March 2007 we began grinding with a set of stones on the first floor, powered by an electric motor in the basement that was donated by Shoebridge engineering. We hold special grinding days throughout the year.
August 2008 saw the completion of the Reefing Gallery, and on the 21st November 2011 the sails were finally hoisted into position making Moulton Mill the tallest windmill in the UK.
For more details of the Mill follow this link: http://www.moultonwindmill.co.uk/

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