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Meteor Jet Crash

Hello, I am trying to locate the exact area where a Meteor Jet crashed in September 1953. I know that it came down in the orchard of a farm owned by a Mr Richard Sutterby in Mill Green, I think the house may have been called Holmfield but I’m not sure. Can you help me with this, please, Many thanks, Sheila

Can we help Sheila?

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  1. Dear South Holland Life by now you may well be aware that following a request for information back in May Sheila and her sister were successful in achieving their objective of locating the crash site as well as the point at which their father lost his life. This in part was achieved through your site as well as the good people of Spalding who gave eye witness accounts of the crash through social media in response to an appeal for information, a few days ago the sisters made a repeat visit to Spalding 66 years to the day the fatal crash happened and toured the two locations in question enabling them to have some closure in relation to the sad event.

    Following a local press item in relation to the sisters visit a number of people including myself have expressed a wish to have some form of memorial plaque put in place to remember/honour the pilot George Furniss – who it is felt potentially sacrificed his life to save others.

    I know that South Holland Life is linked to the Spalding Forge Museum which I believe still produces items as part of its heritage roll, therefore my thinking is should a memorial be able to be brought about would The Forge be in a position to play a part in producing an appropriate plaque or the like ? If this were to be possible it would be all the more relevant having been manufactured locally and possibly funded in the main by local people/organisations etc.

    At this point in time this is just the seed of an idea and there would be a number of hoops to jump through in terms of the memorial itself.

    Therefore I welcome any comments you may have.

    Thanks in anticipation

    Reuben Holmes Pinchbeck.

    Mob. 07421 366949

    1. Yes we are very happy to support this. I will give you a ring next week. Regards Geoff

  2. Two years on and a memorial is now in place……yes there were hurdles and of course Covid 19 but I guess the term mission accomplished would be an apt way of summing things up in relation to this fascinating story – so proud to have been involved.

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