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Lincolnshire Bulb Fields 1930s

Bulb fields

Listed as Lincolnshire Bulb Field Collection on the cards, so not only old, but rare.

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We have two the same as these 3 that have been posted and are postmarked 1933 and 1941 respectively so that is a fairly good guide. There were considerable amounts of daffodils and tulips grown in the area well before the 1960s and the flower parade era. At first glance the earliest postcard we have of Spalding flower fields was posted in 1910.
The cards are by J Valentines of Dundee who ceased postcard production altogether by 1970 but most images are from much earlier than that.
Still plenty of large daffodil fields around of course, just not the tulips.

I grew up just outside of Long Sutton in the fifties and were surrounded by tulip fields we learnt pocket money by cleaning the bulbs my dad worked on a farm and sterelised the bulbs in big vats and my mum helped heading the tulips

Carole Spalding Picking them, nobbing them, lifting them, cleaning them. The bunch in your vase took some work didn’t it.

Looks like on the way, to Spalding Lincolnshire back roads, I believe the house’s in the background, was called the six house’s bless you all

Hazel Needham Sorry but there were 3 Tulip Sundays. Traffic was recommended to be 1 way and it used to clog up all the little lanes.





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