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Hydraulic Tower at Sutton Bridge

Sutton Bridge hyd tower

1) John Brooks that’s my garden, at front of photo.John.B.
2) Here is a photo showing the station in relation to the hydraulic. It supplied the water hydraulics to power the swing bridge. Also the caps tans were standby emergency use in the case of an hydraulic failure. When I was lad porter 1952-55 I remember seeing the platelayers being brought in to connect the capstan sup, which were used in conjunction with other had operating gear, for lifting and removing support blocks . There were steel cables running along each side of bridge which would be connected to the capstan, with ropes to wind the bridge open, and closed. They did not actually move the bridge, but went through the procedure, just in case the hand operation was needed.John.B.
3) Here is a very woodworm eaten copy of how the ropes and capstan were used to open Swing Bridge in an emergency.John.B.

4) This is an Ariel view of the station, which shows position of the Hydraulic building and of course the Swing Bridge.John.B.


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