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Cross Key Bridge – Sutton Bridge

Cross Keys Bridge

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Chris Bates writes – SO MANY TIMES I HAVE DRIVEN OVER THE CROSS KEYS BRIDGE at Sutton Bridge, crossing from Lincolnshire into Norfolk on the A17. I wonder though how many realise it once carried trains as well as road vehicles — expresses from Norfolk to Birmingham and Gloucester; local passenger trains, seaside excursions to Hunstanton and Cromer, goods and parcels services moving from and to the East of England and the Midlands. All that stopped when this superb structure erected by the Midland & Great Northern Railway lost its trains upon closure of the line and road traffic was allowed to use both lanes. Today, after a multi million pound refurbishment, it stands majestic over the River Nene and with my pal Martin from the Leeds area on Tuesday 28th March 2023, we spent some time exploring (you can walk under it as well as walk or drive over it).

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