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Early Automated Tulip Head picking

The Spalding Bulb Co decided in 1964 to build a mechanised Tulip header to save on the cost of labour. The machine was built in-house by the Farm Workshop manager Ray Wiles assisted by Harold Wilkinson (of Weston) and myself.
It took us about 4 months and several rebuilds!
John Lyon the driver and Nev Matson (of Whaplode) the forklift driver.



John Lyon Yes with just about an inch of stalk, on average it cut about 75% leaving the rest to cleared by hand. The aim was to cut and collect without leaving anything on the ground to cause disease.

Cleaned lots of Tulip bulbs at the Spalding Bulb Co after school & in summer holidays at 5p a bucket until we found that we could get 6p a bucket at Wool Hall near Weston even though it was further to cycle.




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