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Danny’s of Spalding Advert

This is an advert for Danny Morgans, whose shop was in Chapel Lane, Spalding.

Who remembers going in here for the latest fashions ?

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AOS P 1306 Danny's

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  1. As well as being a trendy tailor Danny was a jazz enthusiast, and in the years immediately following World War 2 he had a small recording studio in Spalding. I was taken there by my mother and my aunt one evening – maybe in 1946 or 47 – and my aunt recited nursery rhymes. I still have the 78rpm record. Danny also recorded (possibly illegally) my mother’s appearance on the Wilfred Pickles radio “Have a Go” show when it visited Spalding. My mum (Sylvia George) won the jackpot!
    I have just discovered this archive of pictures, and it contains many scenes I remember and people I knew. I left Spalding 20 years ago, and now live in the far north of Scotland.
    Mike George.

  2. I have a paperback published in 1983 ‘ You can play the guitar’ by Dan Morgan and Nick Penny. I have always believed that this was the very Dan Morgan of Dannys Can anyone confirm that ? Ian F

    1. Danny wrote many books. Science fiction and two guitar books by himself and one of the first books about wind surfing.His first guitar book was published originally in 1965 and revised several times selling more copies than Bert Weedon’s “Play in a Day” until the later was popularised by the radio one DJ Mike Reed.

  3. Mike I hope that you get to see this post We were at SGS at the same time and your early years article brought so many memories back and also told me a bit more about ‘Holy Joe’ Chigwell. I knew a bit about his flight with Yehudi Menuhin but not the where and when.
    I would like to make contact and share a few more memories if we could
    Ian ( Knocker) Forman

  4. Mike We were at SGS at same time and your early years article brought back huge tracts of memory If you see this post could we make contact Ian ( Knocker) Forman

  5. Lovely bloke !
    I did my work experience there in 1985.
    Watched the Live Aid concert on the tv in the shop window opposite.

  6. I have a master disc in original sleeve from Danny’s recording studio. Made from shellac on aluminium and deteriorating so daren’t play it to find out what’s on it. Graham Richardson

  7. i got a saturday job at dannys when i was 13 and worked there every saturday until i was 17. the day i left i was given a lovely silver goblet engraved to lindsey on her retirement from dannys. the day i was dared to ask for a job danny asked how much my friend earned on a saturday at the wall paper shop she said £3 so he said he would pay me £5. i loved danny and his wife georgie they were like parents to me and i miss them both very much, so many happy memories.

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