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Artist Output


Change to Submitted Proposal

Carol Parker one of the artists we had proposed to be part of the project declined to continue with the project after project award.  Fortunately, the other two artists have taken up the challenge and prepared a new artist brief which is attached

The second wave of the pandemic has also meant the amount of public facing activity has had to be reduced and supplemented with online Social Media marketeer to engage with the community.

Our finale was to be an exhibition to be held inside, but we have changed this to combining it with Tulip and Bulb Festival to be held at Springfield’s during the first week of May.

These alterations has caused the completion date to slip until June.

The aim of first phase of the project was:
To record the memories and experiences of the people who helped create the Flower Parade(1958-2013) including bulb growing/growers and consider the impact of the event. In particular collecting information on any lasting impressions or life-learning moments from those who took part.
To canvass the community so that we are better informed of the social, cultural and artistic benefits of participating in such a unique community event. This awareness will give the community a new purpose and focus for their energies, learning new skills on an event which is affordable in the current climate and has the potential to promote the district in the future.
Our Artists were integrated within the team and conduct online oral History workshops and had access to all the data which was being donated by the community. They also created kits for at home crafters and asked for them also to give us feedback.  The community and crafters feedback was reviewed by the artists and they created a series of storyboards to reflect this feedback and this was used at Springfield’s exhibition to get further community feedback. The output will support the appetite for a second phase of the project where the communities ideas will come to life either physically or digitally.

Project Outputs

  • Display/Exhibition physical or digital which showcases the project work – completed but in a more constrained way than originally envisaged, see website
  • A number of ideas to take forward to phase 2 to generate public art – completed however not as much community interface as envisaged.
  • The appetite for community to be involved and the skills needed The exhibition took place at Springfield’s and a wallboard of feedback was achieved to take to the next stage.

Reports as necessary for the Arts Council – Completed


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