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In the 80's

Year 1980

Theme – The World of Sport

Name of Queen:and deputies: Valerie-Whitworth

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Year: 1981

Theme: Children’s Fantasy World

Name of Queen: and deputies Queen Geraldine Davis

Link to Programme: 

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1982

Theme – Maritime England

Name of Queen:and deputies: Geraldine Davis and deputy Anne Ulyatt

or Queen-Doreen-Murray???

Link to Programme: Tulip Time 1982

Photo Gallery

Year: 1983

Theme: The 25th Anniversary Flower Parade – Let’s Go and Grow

Name of Queen: Queen Wendy Johnson

Link to Programme: Tulip Time 1983

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1984

Theme: Heritage

Name of Queen: Queen Sharon Holmes

Link to Programme: Flower Parade 1984

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1985

Theme: Film Time

Name of Queen: Queen Helen Drake

Link to Programme: flower parade 1985

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1986

Theme: Funtime

Name of Queen: Queen Helen Cave

Link to Programme: Flower Parade 1986

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1987

Theme: Party Time

Name of Queen: Lisa O’Dell

Link to Programme: Tulip Time 1987

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1988

Theme: 30 years of Floral Entertainment

Name of Queen: Sally Atkins and deputy Sharon Gammage and Jayne Gedney

Link to Programme: Flower Parade 1988

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1989

Theme: Flower Fiesta

Name of Queen:

Link to Programme:

Photo Gallery:


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