This museum is a unique experience for all the family, containing one of the country’s finest collections of Romany Vardo’s (gypsy caravans & carts) and Wardesko kola (harness) etc.Visitors are greeted in the theatre room with a DVD with a talk from Gordon Boswell on the Romany Way of Life, along with the history of most of the vardos on display.   There is also a unique collection of Romany photographs mainly of the Boswell family and sketches spanning the last 150 years.

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Superb traditional Romany horse-drawn Vardos (caravans), carts and harness etc. (all horse-drawn)

Large and comfortable lecture room for slide-show and talk on the Romany Way of Life.

On display…
The largest collection of Romany photographs and sketches covering the last 150 years.

A fortune-telling tent and a collection of cooking utensils used on the open fire.

Experience a Romany day out in a horse-drawn Romany Vardo and enjoy a meal cooked over a traditional Romany stick fire in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside.

Or enjoy a carriage drive for an hour or two, stepping back into a slower way of life.

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