This section of the website we are going to capture local peoples recollections. These recollections will form either documents, oral history or videos and by following the links below you will be able to access them.

Chain Bridge Forge and the Local Bakery by Keith Seaton
The History of Welland House by Mr Smith
The Ship Albion by Keith Seaton
Life and Death of a Fenland Port by Alex Foster
Abstract: It looks at the history of the Port of Spalding from its very earliest origins through to its subsequent demise. Not only does it examine the history of the port, but it also examines the ports role within the town itself and how it helped to shape Spalding into the town it is today. It looks at the industries that grew up around the port and how they too suffered from the same periods of prosperity and decline.
However this article is too large for this page and can be viewed by becoming a Friend and following this link http ://groupspaces . com/TheFriendsofChainBridgeForge/

Spalding relic of the First World War donated by Keith Seaton
Spalding Blacksmiths from Trade Directories compiled by Keith Seaton
Carefree days while war raged

A Spalding Childhood Lincolnshire Life article by Edith Morton

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