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Who Remembers Mr Jenning’s

Mr Jennings the milkman on his daily round. He used a pony and trap to deliver milk from a churn. He came to the front door with either pint or half pint measure and measured what was required to fill your storage jar. This was usually an earthenware vessel.

The milk was fresh milk, not pasteurised. If you wanted cream, then the milk would have to settle, and the cream could be removed carefully. I am so use to semi skimmed milk today I am not sure I would like the full cream version. I had some butter produced in the traditional way the other day and it tasted fantastic. so maybe I would.

Does anybody have any memories or photographs of the other tradesman who delivered to your door. I suppose the supermarket home delivery is a modern adaptation of this method.

Mr Jennings

This is adapted from a book Snippets from the life of a Spaldonian. Francis Hanson MBE.

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