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The White Hart Hotel

The White Hart Hotel

White Hart Hotel

This plan shows the layout of the old White Hart Hotel which is situated to the side of the Red Lion Quarter.

The following information is taken from the research undertaken as part of the archaeological investigation carried out in 1999 according to a specification prepared by Archaeological Project Services.

The White Hart Hotel possibly originated as a hostelry associated with Spalding Priory, in 1he 15th century. It is first mentioned in the Spalding Acre Book of 1619 where it is referred to as ‘an inn called the White Hart, with three roods of land attached to it, situated between the Markett stead south and Crackpoole lane north, being the property of George Villiers, marquis of Buckingham’ (Leveritt and Elsden 1989, 145).

The front of the Hotel preserves the remains of a 15th century timber framed building, and these may represent part of the original structure, which may have been partially affected by fire in 1714. The fire started in the Market Place and soon spread to engulf much of the town centre. The White Hart was affected and the hotel was refurbished c. 1720. The front facade. with the exception of the portico, dates from this refurbishment (Pevsner and Harris 1989, 674).

A map dated to 1732 shows that the building had been rebuilt and that stables were located at the rear.

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Found today while walking around the Red Lion Quarter

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