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Thomas Aistrup of Spalding

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  1. I seem to remember a Mr Aistrup who was an optician in Spalding in the 1950s. Any relation, I wonder?

  2. His yard was next to ours in Willow Walk, watched him making baskets when I was a young boy.

  3. I knew a Michael Aistrup from Holbeach 1951 – 1956.
    Anyone know of his whereabouts????

    1. I was his girl friend for a time,I lived at the bulls neck inn,they were a very nice kind family,mrs A. Died quite young,one son went into church organ repair,I believe that Michael married and lived near Leicester,good hunting,the grandparents lived in norwich were in the jewellery trade.

      1. And my dad was Ted Aistrup, he was a Master Pipe Organ Builder based out of Horncastle, Lincs. He sadly passed away at 63 years old. Sorely missed!

      1. Thanks do you have any memories to share. I believe he lived very close to Chain Bridge Forge. Regards Geoff

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