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The Old Operating Tower – Sutton Bridge

AOS P 0815 The Old Operating Tower


Albert Cooper of Sutton Bridge submitted this photograph of what was the operating tower for the swing bridge over the River Nene.

The building once contained all the hydraulic equipment to operate the bridge. It is still recognisable as the old operating tower, although it has been converted into a residential dwelling.

Albert is a lifelong resident of Sutton Bridge.

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  1. I am delighted to seen this pictire of the Tower. I only ever saw it from the road. I can see the brick building that must have housed ther steam engine and its boiler and the wooden clad building that had the acculuator at thez top. If I have guessed wrongly, please to correct me.

    Please may I be privileged to be put in touch with Albert Cooper?

    I need at least one picture of the steam engine that pumped the water up into the Accumulator and the pressure of water that was delivered to the bridge.

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