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Surfleet Station

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  1. Anglers’ specials from Sheffield used to stop here on Sundays, and the anglers fished matches in the Glen along the side of the golf course. The steel industry in Sheffield was keen to support angling because it got men away from the smoke and furnace fumes and out into fresh country air for the day. In the 1950s and 1960s, on a westerly wind, you could smell the Sheffield furnaces as you drove up the A1 just south of Doncaster.

    1. Thanks for the addition. I have supplement in the local paper about the county Show 1900 which I am try to adapt for the website. The reporting is different to today’s short text. Regards Geoff

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Surfleet Station part of the GNER and was closed to passengers in 1961 and completely closed in December 1963