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St Margaret – Quadring

Two real photographic postcards featuring the church dedicated to St Margaret of Antioch. The church, a Grade 1 listed building is situated at Church End in isolation from the village. It dates back to the 1400’s and was restored in 1862 with more restoration being done between 1868 & 1872.

1. EXTERIOR VIEW; A real photographic postcard, date about 1925, with–‘Note the steeple out of perpendicular’ beneath the title, Published by Lilywhite Ltd.—QDG 9. Not postally used. A previous owner has written in ink on the back–” This is where my mother & I were baptised & most of my mother’s family ??? for over 100 years. G. R. Jackson”.

2. INTERIOR VIEW; An early real photographic postcard showing a view of a part of the inside of the church. Publisher is not named. Postally used 25 September 1912.

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