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Spalding and level crossing

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  1. From 1962 to 1969, I cycled to the Gleed School from my house in Pennygate. Along Winsor Road to cross over the Eight Gates into town and onto school. Many times I carried my cycle over the footbridge because of the long wait for the trains. On the morning rides to school only 4 gates where closed, and we waited on the rail lines.

  2. Having made up my mind to build a model railway, based on all the places I have lived and worked, my interest in the ‘Eight Gates’ and the footbridge pictures are one scene I require. After school I found myself working for a company called Hortico, which was opposite the Birds public house. Then I change direction and decided to join the RAF and left Spalding for the last time. The best decision I made!

  3. Whilst on school holidays in the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s, my father would take be to the Spalding cattle market (which became the Spalding Bulb and Produce Auction (SBPA) , it may be a supermarket now! During those times there were many farms selling up. The auction was for all the farm machinery, looking back it was a sad sight to see, for progress pushed people out for the American prairie farming. Now, in this day and age, we have gone back to planting hedge rows, for we have realised that this caused a lack out the natural wildlife! The other half of this market was a covered area with animal pens. My job, at around 10 years old, was to walk/run to get the livestock for the farmer to load in his wagon. The pens were back to back, and a small length of wood ran down the middle, that is what I used. I even had my own pig board my father made me. I was happy then.

    People in Spalding may remember me, I used to live in Pennygate!

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