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Royal Arms in Lincolnshire Churches

Royal Arms were displayed at English Churches before the reformation, sometimes in stained glass, sculpture or painted coloured arms. The attached booklet describes the churches with these Royal Arms across Lincolnshire. They were to remind the parishioners that the sovereign was the head of the church.

Locally coat of arms can be seen at the following churches, Cowbit, Crowland, Deeping St James, Fleet, Holbeach, Moulton, Surfleet, Sutton Bridge and Whaplode

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  1. I am researching the Goxhill Church Wardens accounts for All Saints Church, Goxhill, North Lincolnshire.
    In 1734 two payments ,12.12.0 pence and 5.8. 0 pence were made in respect of the Kings Coat of Arms.
    In our copy of your publication” Royal Arms in Lincolnshire Churches ” there is no mention of Goxhill. Does such a copy exist?

  2. Thanks for your post, Dave. We have similar in the small Saxon church of Stragglethorpe, nr Brant Broughton and have recorded several during my recent visit to Somerset. The theme is always the same but everyone is slightly different. Does your Churchwarden accounts say who/where the payment was sent to…? William

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