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Quadring Railway Photographs

Above: Quadring level crossing, 1901-1902, looking towards the village down Town Drove.

Below: the level crossing in 1901-2 looking away from the village, up Town Drove:

Below: The Flying Scotsman passing through the line through Quadring

Below: Children of Quadring School waiting for the Flying Scotsman to pass through

Photos kindly donated by Myra Featherstone

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  1. Hello, my great, great grandfather would have been approx 19 when these photos were taken- he was Henry Featherstone, one of 12 children of the farm foreman that lived in a house on Stow Gate, Deeping St Nicholas in 1891 census. Presumably Myra Featherstone is a descendant from that family too?

  2. Great old pictures. My great grandfather was the signal man and quadring. I have some pictures of him on the steps to the signal box and his GN & GE whistle

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