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St Margaret’s Church Quadring Tour, 3D Model and History

Church Tour

To start the tour click on the white site icon at the entrance to the church in the bottom left hand corner of the photograph below and this will enable you to enter the church. Each photograph displays a 360 degree view of the church rotation can be viewed by swiping the screen. The site icon also appears around the church and clicking on the icon takes you to this position. The tour also includes photograph icons and clicking on them opens up further information. The image also uses zoom so detail can be examined.




3D Model

Follow this link to view the church as a 3D Model. Swiping the Model enables you to view different elevations. The icons on the side bar allows a number of functions from measuring to providing a different view of this model.


The history of the church can be read by clicking HERE The building has been listed and the listing can be viewed by clicking HERE

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St Margaret's Quadring