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More help needed about Spalding Auxiliary

Spalding patrol details wanted
A grandson of another member of the World War 2 secret army is also seeking more information about the Spalding patrol.

Working in conjunction with www.britishresist ancearchive.org Gordon Shaw says his grandfather Pte Cecil Baker was in the Spalding Auxiliary Unit, known as unit Patrol 6D.

Other known members were Lt 3111′ Ground, Sgt CC Wflson, Cpl E Baxter, Pte G Neal and Pte E Hunt.

Gordon says his grand— father Cecfl, known as Cis, had a bakery business in Commercial Road in Spalding during the 1940’s and 1950’s.

The men in the Auxil iaries came from reserved Occupations like food pro duction, orelse they didn’t fit the age criteria for the regular forces.

Gordon says: “In particular, I’m trying to find detail’s of an underground hide they had which was on a river at Weston, but the exact location 15′ unknown.

“I’m trying to locate the relatives of any of the other members of this unit to see if they have any memora- bilia, information or could locate the hide.”

Contact Gordon at saxonjohn24@yahoo.co.uk with further information or chainbridgeforge@ gmail.com

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