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Millie Millicent Parkinson – Morris Oxford


The Bull-nosed Morris Oxford
I posted here before about my grandfather’s Aunt Millie: Millicent Parkinson, who remained unmarried and stayed at home to look after her elderly mother Louisa. They lived at LaCrosse House, on the corner of Spring Street and Priory Road. The house was named after La Crosse, Wisconsin, where Millie’s brother Ted worked as an architect. After Ted’s wife died, he asked Millie to come and keep house for him, which she did, Louisa having died in 1929. Millie left for America in 1933, putting her car in the brick garage. She remained there until her death in 1974, when the garage was opened and a pristine vintage car was revealed. It had been in that garage all through my childhood, and I hadn’t known about it. Here’s the Free Press cutting, recently found.

Lawerence Carter

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