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Market Place, Long Sutton 1950 ish.

Long Sutton - Market

Thank to Edwin Wright for photo.

some comments from Facebook

All the goods on the street outside Vincent’s wouldn’t be allowed now.
Rosa Bartons and ‘Sick, Lame and Lazy corner’ feature.

Edwin Wright Rosa Bartons had to be the best dress shop ever, pretty expensive but she let you pay things off.

Gillian Fraillon I recall that ancient lady with the gold tooth. Strange, the odd little things you remember about people isn’t it.

I lived in the flat above the hairdressers over Rosa Barton’s shop for a short while about 53 yrs ago

Lee surely there were more than 4 more. The standard. The one in middle town what was accountants one somewhere near bookies. the station
The plough. One near the peele. Corn exchange. the ship im sure there was more

I also remember going to the Bull with my uncle through to the back door with a big box of veg he called her Mabel and he called him Mr Watts ? She wore Open toed shoes with no stockings



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