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Lockwoods (The Canno)


Thanks to Edwin Wright for the image.
Obviously down at ‘The Canno’ (Lockwoods as it then was)
My mother Irene (Renee) Wright on the left. Any ideas who the others are?

some comments from Facebook

Last lady on right is Mrs olive kingston

Lots of starch and folded taken off carefully could last a week. Never worked for me, but then I was a pRtimer and ours were orange and a different type of material. Good days

My mum had a red turbon. She was a machine operator. I believe Molly was her boss at one point

I can remember that Mr Smith from Daniels Crescent used to drive the double decker bus & he would pick up the ladies from the top of Queensway to go to work in the morning’s & again drop them off at

I think that most people will have either worked at Lockwoods at some stage or had relatives who worked there. Even my father in law Fred Chamberlain worked

I THINK THE LADY AT THE FAR END IS SYLVIA PRINZ AND THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE WAS JUNE MUIR, AND THE LADY AT THE FRONT WAS CALLED OLIVE KINGSTONE FROM SUTTON BRIDGE. Sorry, forgot to turn off caps lolthere on the retorts. His hands were like cracked leather as a result.

One in the middle could be Jackie merrison



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