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Little London

Little London

Rodney Sadd writes – Perhaps this photo is out of town to be classed as a true aspect of Spalding, but it captures Paul Hart’s tulip fields at the top of Little London Spalding where this little chap was born.
Picture round about 1957.
Paul Hart was a local businessman who knew my parents, Ted and Nora Sadd of Little London, that was once a busy area of Spalding with many community based outlets. Andrews, Kings, Baileys, Goodyears, Crowsons Garage, Wooley, Hair Dressers, Bakers and Barber Shop all within half a mile of the Little London Bridge. Must not forget The Drayman’s Arm’s public house that is thankfully still open and serves the local community well.
Also my Grandparents who used to run a shop and live down Albion Street Spalding.

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