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Life at School – 1886 – Gosberton Hall School

This little note book was donated by one of our contributors and we believe it was owned by Edward Jackson Watson and it documents his school life in 1886 at Gosberton Hall School. He was a boarder and started his day at 6.15am and he was supposed to asleep at 9pm. This is book number 6 so must of part of a series which chronicles his school life.

Please take the time to give it a read. Click on the link Life at school Gosberton

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    1. The simple answer to your question is I don’t know. But I will try and find out. Can’t promise regards Geoff

  1. Hi
    Just came across your page. I have 2 note books just the same as the one here. Both are from the 1890s one is my GGrandfather’s William Trafford Stevenson, the other (not so good condition) is my GGrandfather’s younger brother’s George Stevenson. Each entry is dated, a good read too. The residents are named on the Census from 1891.

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