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Harrow Inn – Deeping St Nicholas

The Harrow

To the lovely gentleman who tells us so much local history…

We had the good fortune to meet a gentleman who was born in our house at the turn of the century. We are now known as Somersby House but used to be The Harrow Inn. He told us loads of interesting facts about the history of the Inn, including the fact it used to have a cellar!!!

Anyway, he gave us these…
First is an early picture of the Harrow Inn
Second is a newspaper story of when the pub closed in 1969.
(Interesting to imagine 200 kids dancing in my bedroom and “Barney” that (along with the introduction of the breathalyser test) resulted in the pub’s closure!

Thanks for content from Julie Harding posted to Facebook

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  1. My dad Tony Scott was the landlord of the Harrow Inn (not the Plough) We have lots
    of good memories of the weekends the local groups were playing (Sounds Force
    Five was one of them) Great times were enjoyed by lots of people and it was a sad day
    for all when it was bought to an abrupt halt by rival gangs that had never been before
    wrecking all the hard work in building up the business.

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