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Geoffrey Lewis Capes

Geoffrey Lewis Capes (born 23 August 1949) is a British former shot putter, strongman and professional Highland Games competitor. He represented England and Great Britain in field athletics, specialising in the shot put.

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  1. Geoff and I were in the same athletic club in our younger days. We travelled every week to R.A.F. Cranwell for special coaching from the A.A.A’s He was a fantastic competitor and won nearly everything. He went to the Munich Olympics representing his country, but due to a bad bout of flu, missed the qualification into the final group by inches. His European shot put record stood for many years.
    As a well recognised person, he once travelled to London to seek sponsorship to the Nigerian games. I was on the same train going for an interview, that would take me to Saudi Arabia for work. We both achieved our objective. He still remains a life long friend to this day.

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